Welcome Home


We are glad you found us. We welcome you to a positive, practical, and progressive approach to spirituality. We are spiritual, not religious! Our community consists of artists, seekers and activists and range from nursery age to our sacred elders. We are a spiritual community which teaches people ideas and concepts which they can use in every day life as well as all walks of life.

We are a loving, inclusive, diverse community. We are proud that our community welcomes everyone, regardless of social norms, skin color, age, ethnicity or religion. So, join us won't you?

We offer 7 week programs and products that reach into all of the New Thought Communities (Unity, Centers for Spiritual Living, Foundation for Better Living)

As a spiritual leader, I am involved with the Leadership Council of the Association of Global New Thought. 

We welcome you either as an empowered leader of a community or as a seeker on a continuous journey we call life.

Temple Hayes